About Us
The Beginning
In todays world, the need to be able to defend yourself and your family has never been more of a reality. It is obvious whenever we watch the news or read the paper. Out of this need, Preservation Training Solutions was born. Our motto is " Training to Preserve whats Important"! We strive to ensure all of our classes are informative as well as non intimidating and our students leave feeling enriched and empowered from the knowledge and skills they have attained. We take the extra time to ensure you achieve success.
Our Instructors
                                                                                                                                                    Nico Gray

  Nico Gray is a lifelong shooter and outdoorsman. As a young child he always had a firearm in his hands, whether plinking at cans or out hunting with friends. His formal firearms training began in his late teens while a volunteer with a local law enforcement agency. Later on while working as a corrections officer and in personal/event security he became assistant manager of a shooting range and training facility. Working and training alongside, as well as under some of the greatest instructors in the Mid-South, Nico learned how to effectively evaluate and communicate with each student individually in order to help them achieve a higher level of proficiency.  After attending Christian Brothers University for accounting, Nico transitioned into overseeing the day to day operations of his families medical practice for several years while continuing his training.  In addition to his duties as a firearms instructor Nico also works as aClose protection specialist and security consultant, traveling the country protecting high net worth individuals and securing high threat events.  When it comes to self defense Nico adheres to the principal that the brain is the most powerful tool and situation awareness is the most important skill.