1. Tennessee Permit Course $75.00
    Tennessee Permit Course $75.00
    This course was designed by the State of Tennessee as a requirement for those wishing to obtain a permit to carry a firearm in the state of Tennessee. In this class you will learn firearm nomenclature, function, operation, safety, cleaning and storage, as well as legal liabilities of carrying a firearm. You will also learn about carrying a firearm, loading and unloading and common malfunctions and stoppages. This 8 hour class includes written and shooting tests. Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to file an application with the state for a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.
  2. Mississippi Enhanced Permit
    Mississippi Enhanced Permit
    This course much like the Tennessee permit course covers firearm nomenclature, function, operation, safety, cleaning and storage as well as the legal liabilities of carrying a firearm. This endorsement allows you to carry in places listed as off limits by law except for any police, sheriff or highway patrol station as well as jails, prisons and detention centers.
  3. Armed/Unarmed Guard Training
    This training meets and exceeds the states requirements for training of both armed and unarmed security professionals. Training for unarmed guards is a minimum of 4 hours while the training for armed guards is a minimum of 16 hours. Additional training and certifications such as shotgun, taser, baton and chemical agent are also available,
  4. Private Lesson
    Private Lesson
    Are you a new shooter? Are you nervous about shooting? Are you more comfortable in a one on one setting? Are you just busy and can't make it to a scheduled class? Whether you want to schedule a one on one range session to work on accuracy or a Carry Permit class for just yourself, the entire office or your inner circle we can accommodate you. Contact us to discuss details and pricing.
  5. Beginners Handgun
    Beginners Handgun
    This course is for the new shooter or for those with previous experience who need a refresher. In this class we will focus primarily on firearm safety, nomenclature, basic cleaning as well as types of handguns(revolver and semi-automatic). This course was designed to be fun, interactive and as hands on as the shooter is comfortable with. There will be range time but you are not required to shoot if you do not desire to do so.
  6.  Beyond Basics Handgun
    Beyond Basics Handgun
    This course is designed to improve the confidence and accuracy of the shooter. In this course the student will learn how to reload and deal with malfunctions as well as focus on fundamentals like grip, stance, sight picture and trigger control. For this class a functional defensive handgun(compact or larger) w/holster, 2 magazines, 5 snap caps or dummy rounds and 200 rounds of ammunition is required.
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